Flexible Repair Service for Any Timeframe

At IST You Never Have to Choose Between Speed and Quality

Breakage is the single undeniable certainty in the rough and tumble world of POS hardware. Day after day, your technology takes a beating. Fingernails on touch screens, crumbs iStethoscopen cash drawers, dropped printers, spilled drinks: it’s only a matter of time before something gives out. It’s essential that you be ready when it does. Your technology keeps your business running. Unless you’re prepared for accidents and mishaps, a single clumsy customer can slow your operation to a crawl, or stop it altogether.

IST’s Depot Repair services help you prepare for the worst. Our POS repair solutions are reasonably priced, with no sacrifice in speed or quality. Our 13,000 square foot Depot Repair center is staffed with experienced technicians who are factory-trained on all of the technology we service. If it’s fixable, we will fix it. If a part or the whole component needs to be replaced, we have an extensive inventory on hand to minimize your wait.

IST Flexibility: Turnaround, Contracts & Shipping

Our POS service is fast, flexible, and precise. To ensure uninterrupted service, we offer multiple turnaround options from a more casual, cost-effective program to a comprehensive “spare-in-the-air” option where we have a replacement overnighted to you even before we receive your broken unit for repair. We offer our services on both “per incident” and contract bases, so you always have just the level of coverage you need.

IST offers an à la carte approach to POS Depot Repair. We will tailor a customized plan specific to your business needs, and guarantee a cost-effective alternative to more expensive on-site plans. We allow you to decide which turnaround option and delivery method are best for your situation. And we are pleased to respond to any level of urgency. To ensure uninterrupted service, we offer the following turnaround options:

Advanced Swap Contracts

For the highest level of assurance, IST offers advanced exchange contracts. For a flat monthly fee you are guaranteed the most complete coverage available. The moment your POS hardware breaks, IST will ship you a working replacement, even before you send us your equipment for repair. Your ‘spare is in the air’ even before we receive your broken item. When you receive it, just place the broken component in the box and return it.

Depot Repair Contracts

IST offers our standard depot repair contracts for a flat monthly fee. Once we receive your broken unit, we will repair your equipment within 72 hours and ship the working item back to you.

Per-Item Repairs

For restaurants with newer equipment, paying for POS repairs as they happen can be a more cost-effective alternative. IST offers our per-item customers exceptional quality, service , and care.

Flexible Shipping Options

For further flexibility, we allow you to choose from several shipping options.

  • Priority 1 - Onsite or Same-Day Courier
  • Priority 2 - Next Day Shipping
  • Priority 3 - 2-Day Shipping
  • Priority 4 - Regular Shipping

We offer our services on both per-repair and contract bases. For a flat monthly fee you can insure all or part of your hardware for year round repairs. Prices vary according to the size and age of your system, and the level of service you require.

Contact us today for a customized quote. We will provide exactly what you need at a price you can afford.


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