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IST implements customized solutions for many of the world's largest companies.

AMC Theatres

Digital Signage Installation Partner

In 2014, IST began its relationship with AMC Theatres and was chosen as an installation partner, responsible for upgrading static signs to digital in over 45 theaters across the country.

The Challenge

Each installation included an extensive, critical site survey that helped ensure that clear cable pathways were available, mounting concerns were addressed, and the monitors were in the ideal placement for the current concession layout.

What We Did

Installations ranged anywhere from 4 to 20 monitors per location and were coordinated across several nights, depending on the scope. IST technicians were responsible not only for installing and configuring the monitors and media players, but also for pulling up to two 300’ cable runs per monitor throughout multiple floors and ceiling types.

AMC is a perfect example of how even the largest companies in the United States rely on IST for crucial, nationwide installation projects—from beginning to end.

Burger King

Over 6500 Digital Menu Board Locations in Under 18 Weeks

Read a feature article on our work in the magazine Digital Signage Today!

In the largest effort of its kind to date, IST installed over 26,000 digital menu board monitors at over 6500 Burger King locations in just 18 weeks.

Throughout the project, IST’s project management team met rigorous scheduling requirements and developed a process for real-time, tech-level communication directly from the site. Our unprecedented flexibility in hiring and coordinating electricians as well as taking on basic site construction has simplified the project for our clients while significantly reducing their costs.

The Challenge

Coordinating a team of 400 technicians to install the entire project within just over four months. It was a massive coast-to-coast undertaking. IST logged over a quarter million miles of travel time. That's 66 times around the earth!

What We Did

It varied by location, but a typical install required deinstallation; site preparation (spackle and paint); wiring; mounting and cabling for four 46” TVs; network configuration for software integration; and back-office controller installation with supporting wall hardware.

Aspen Dental

Migrate Software and Upgrade Hardware with Custom-Designed PCs

IST was chosen as the installation partner to launch a software migration and PC replacement project for one of the nation’s leading dental companies

The Challenge

We were given a five-month timeframe to schedule, staff, and deploy 3,200 PC upgrades throughout the country. Each site required a complete migration from Windows XP to Windows 7—many of which included full PC replacements.

What We Did

IST worked directly with Aspen Dental’s IT Director to create an extensive training manual, ensuring the secure handling of each store’s sensitive data and verifying that the PCs were installed properly and online. The process was streamlined by equipping technicians with a 128GB flash drive to complete the migration. Communication and transparency were key in replacing the existing hardware with new PCs, custom-designed by IT staff at Aspen Dental. Thanks to IST’s methodology, the project exceeded the five-month completion expectation and was instead closed in just four months.

A Few of the Industries we Serve

IST is Experienced in a Wide Array of Technologies and Serves Multiple Industries.
Burger King
Carl's Jr.
CKE Restaurants
Dairy Queen
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Panda Express
Taco Bell
Taco Time
Alfa Romeo
Whole Foods 
Atlanta Airport
Indianapolis Airport
Aspen Dental
Bradley Field
Busch Gardens
Kauffman Stadium
M&T Bank Stadium
Philadelphia Zoo
Universal Studios
White Sox Stadium
Wrigley Field
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