The Do's and Dont's of Digital Signage

September 10, 2015

If you’ve invested in digital signage, you probably know its pros can go a long way. That being said, if you’re not utilizing your displays correctly, the perks won’t be as noticeable. IST broke down the do’s and don’ts of digital signage to inform you of what you need to do or not do to make the most of your digital signage displays.

DO: Focus on quality

Content is king when it comes to digital signage. It’s important to make sure your content can be understood by all audiences. Your display will not be successful if a portion of its viewers don’t understand what is being said. It’s also smart to test the timing. Make sure to check that the information is displayed long enough for a slow reader to get through. In addition, test the quality of your content to confirm that it looks good on all types of displays.

DON’T: Have still content

One of the biggest advantages of digital displays is creating something that can catch people’s attention better than a picture. Still content won’t catch the customer’s attention nearly as much as video or moving objects. Take advantage of the technology and create something that is more than still images or slides.

DO: Include strong design

Having a display that is satisfying to the eye is extremely important. Keep the design simple and not busy. Make sure it isn’t distracting from what you are trying to convey with your content. A beautiful display is going to attract a customer more than something that doesn’t have a clear focus. That being said, make sure your design is attention-grabbing and not boring.

DON’T: Forget to update

With static posters or signs, the information can become irrelevant or outdated quickly. This is one of digital signage’s biggest perks because it gives you the option to update your content as deals and promotions are always changing. A customer might get bored if the information isn’t changing, so make sure to stay on top of creating new and relevant content.

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