10 Technologies to Improve Your Business

August 7, 2015

Technology can completely change the environment of a restaurant. Improved customer experiences, increased sales, and lowered time expenditures are just some of the benefits to these additions.

We summed up the numerous technologies you’ll find inside today's restaurants and how they can make business better.

Point-of-Sale Systems

A restaurant wouldn’t run quite as smoothly without a POS system. Severs enter the food ordered in the system, which ties directly into your Smart Kitchen Equipment and/or KVS system to allow for a successful and efficient way tell the kitchen what to prepare. POS systems have come a long way and are transitioning to be completely digital. Some systems make it possible for customers to pay right at the table.


This keeps track of table inventory, and can hopefully turn over that inventory at a faster rate – which will ultimately lead to more revenue. Some FOH systems can manage servers and their schedules and can set up reservations, which will make life easier for restaurant personnel.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards can make work simpler for management by tying directly into your POS system, making it fast and easy to always keep your menus and pricing up to date. It can also help draw in more customers with compelling photos and content – which can successfully influence what the consumer purchases.

Tabletop Systems

Tabletop systems are tablets that can be mounted on the table that can improve the consumer experience. Customers are able to customize their food orders and have access to games. Restaurants can also place advertisements on the tablets, which can lead to more revenue.

Inventory Management

Keeping track of and organizing your inventory is critical to a successful work flow and helps improve accuracy when ordering more inventory. It can also help improve the efficiency and productivity of your employees.

Music Systems

Music systems are a way to improve customer experience by giving them something to listen to while they enjoy their food or do their shopping. It’s also beneficial because businesses can create playlists that help promote their brand personality.

Mobile Ordering

Make a list of what a smartphone can do. It’s a lot right? Well, you can add mobile ordering and paying for it to that list if it wasn’t on there. Apple Pay and Google Wallet are some of the most popular platforms to pay on your phone and the number of restaurants and retailers accepting those keep rising.

Smart Kitchen Equipment

Smart Kitchen Equipment can make work flow smoother and lead to an easier work experience for employees. Expedite stations help with storage, better organization, improve operational flow and help minimize training time.

Table Tracking

Businesses can install a table location system that helps food runners and servers deliver food efficiently and faster. These systems can also guarantee a dish goes to the correct diner.

Security Cameras

These not only make your business safer, but they make it better. There are so many benefits to video surveillance in your business including stopping crime, catching a suspect if crime takes place and helping improve the productivity of employees.

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