IST Assurances Series: 5 Commitments that Drive our Customer Relationships

October 16, 2017

At IST, customers are the backbone of our business, and we're continually nurturing every relationship to ensure our customers' success. We set our sights beyond the quick sale and the immediate business need. Instead, we lay the foundation for years of mutual achievement.

Exceed Customers’ Expectations

We know we need to “wow” every project stakeholder with a continuously surprising level of service. Everyone has experienced great service before doing business with us, and that experience sets the bar on how they'll measure future success. So exceeding that expectation will prove that we are committed to their project and will go out of our way to enchant and delight.

Doing this not only helps us retain existing clients. It also motivates them to advocate for us and stand as evangelists for our brand.

Follow Great Examples

Zappos' extraordinary service encourages their customers to share positive experiences with others. It is not unusual for Zappos to give free overnight shipping upgrades, even though they have only committed to 2-5 day turnarounds. Zappos’ employees are encouraged to go beyond the limits of their jobs in assisting customers. One of their reps spent 10 hours and 29 minutes on the phone with one customer! Zappos owes a lot of its success to the customer experience they provide.

It works for them. It will work for us.

Identify Opportunities

Our customers will always have opportunities that we can help them realize, even if they are not immediately apparent at first contact. Our job is to identify these needs and present ongoing solutions, to further trust in the IST brand.

Resolve Issues Quickly

When it comes to addressing an issue, speed is everything. While everyone hopes that everything goes smoothly, problems arise in any scenario. Just like no battle plan survives contact with the enemy, no sales plan survives contact with the project. Issues are inevitable, but they aren’t the end of the world.

If we make a mistake, we need to fix the problem as quickly as possible, even if that means working at a loss. It’s not always easy, but we will take responsibility, and fix the problem as soon as we possibly can.

Continue To Consult

To maintain the loyalty of our new client, we must provide value. Our expertise exists to eliminate problems and open new opportunities for the companies we serve. The more value we offer, the less our customer will struggle. The more our clients trust us, the more faith they will have in us.

And that is our ultimate goal. Not to merely have our customers trust, but to earn it, through the expertise we have developed in the field for 25+ years, and the nurturing care we cherish as our overarching mission.

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