Benefits of Digital Signage in C-Stores

September 24, 2015

Digital signage and menu boards have become an expected feature in quick serve and fast casual restaurants, but convenience stores could benefit just as much from implementing the technology. Since c-stores are changing the way they operate and what they provide, the benefits of signage are essential, especially at the point-of-sale.

The evolution of c-stores today

C-stores have evolved immensely over the years – they are now a place for immediate needs like drinks, snacks, a slice of pizza, and not so much just a stop for gas. This evolvement has made it essential for the c-store to show off what they have to offer to their customers as customers might not be aware of the services they could be receiving. An easy way to do this is through digital signage - whether it's at the cash register during checkout or the pump while the customer is filling up.

Four reasons to consider digital signage in c-stores

Updating the store’s image: Digital signage can make customers feel like the c-store is clean and up-to-date. It gives customers the sense that the store cares about updating technology. Signage can also advertise the cleanliness of the c-store to make them feel comfortable.

Outdoing their competition: C-stores are everywhere, so they are competing with the c-stores around them. Digital displays are a way to advertise what c-stores are doing differently or better than their competition and what they have to offer.

Advertising time-specific promotions: It isn’t realistic to change traditional signage throughout the day as deals change. Digital signage makes it possible and easy to promote a lunch special at the correct time, which is a huge advantage to making those sales.

Highlighting the many services and products they can offer: A customer might go to a c-store to fill up their tank, but if there’s digital singage by the pump, it’s advertising might incline a customer to come inside and buy one of the store’s products.

Customers are likely to come back if their experience was pleasant: Digital signage in c-stores creates the opportunity to make the customer experience successful through promoting deals, updating the store and showcasing products they might not be aware is available.

Point-of-sale is the prime time for signage

Digital signage can also help increase sales because it can remind a customer of something they didn’t think about buying until they saw it on the screen near the register. According to Mvix, shoppers usually spend more time at the counter than anywhere else in the store.

That being said, the point-of-sale is the prime time to utilize a signage display, as it’s the customer’s last chance to purchase something before leaving. Digital Signage Today says that 60 percent of purchases are made at the point-of-sale. Therefore, if a c-store’s digital content is advertising lottery tickets, a customer could be more inclined to buy one compared to before when they didn’t have that reminder.

In Conclusion…

C-store customers are probably more likely to frequently visit an updated gas station compared to a rundown one. Digital signage is an efficient way to update a store and increase sales in the process

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