Benefits of a Monthly Service Agreement

October 22, 2015

Monthly service agreements work like an insurance policy. For a flat monthly rate you can ensure repair costs throughout the year. In addition to being covered when something breaks down, an agreement might have a preventative maintenance plan, which could include scheduled visits to make sure everything is working properly.

There is a multitude of benefits to investing in a maintenance contract. We break them down below:

One-stop solution

Having a maintenance contract makes it easy for the customer because they know exactly where to go when the problem occurs. This helps save time because the customer’s resources are all in one place, and they can focus on more important things, like running their business.

Monthly rate

A monthly rate takes out the surprise factor. A customer knows exactly how much will be spent on service from month to month and won’t be thrown off by unexpected bills. This is also convenient for budgeting, as it helps the customer budget exactly how much they need for maintenance since the monthly amount is set in stone.

Build relationships

Having a service agreement makes it really easy to build relationships between companies. The same technicians could be fixing the customer’s problems every time they come up. Also, the customers could form relationships with the service company’s employees who are taking care of them and making sure everything is fixed in a proficient manner.

Mutual agreement

By signing a service agreement, you essentially start a partnership with that company. Since everything is stated in writing, there won’t be any confusion about when service visits will happen, and what priority the job will be taken in. It also puts the price in writing, so that the customer is guaranteed to pay a specific amount.

Priority placement

Many service agreements come with priority placement standards, so customers can have peace of mind knowing that their problem will be attended to in an appropriate amount of time. This could be huge for the business because a service agreement could mean that something of high priority will get fixed right away. Priority placement for service calls can ensure the least amount of harm is done to the customer’s business.

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