5 Valuable Technologies that will Modernize Theaters

March 11, 2016

With so many advancements in technology, the classic marquee out front may not be enough for large theaters with high volumes of customers. It’s great to see people lining up outside for a new movie, but keeping all of these people happy and getting them to their correct theater efficiently could be a nightmare.

Moving customers from the box office to their seats can be made quick and easy with these five technologies:

1. Digital Screens

Digital signage in the box office allows customers to gather quick, constantly updated information about the movies they want to see. What is sold out? What movies can they see in 3D? What are the ratings? This can all be updated as soon as the movie statuses change, so the patrons are always in the loop and can make quick decisions.

Waiting in line and in the lobby can be made easy with screens showing previews for upcoming movies. They can also list seating statuses in each theater.

2. Interactive Signage

Digital signage can cure pre-movie boredom by giving patrons the chance to be constantly entertained by interactive displays. Each display could offer exciting games or informational videos to keep customers up and moving rather than bored in the lobby. A theater isn’t the doctor’s office and a lobby isn’t a waiting room. Consumers expect to be immersed in their experiences and interactive displays allow them to be part of the action of the movies they are about to see.

3. Digital Menus

Digital menus at concessions cut down greatly on in-line time. These menus can flash the answers to all customer questions before they even make their orders. They no longer have to stand in line, staring blankly into space. The menus advertise deals and movie promotions so customers are able to quickly make their purchases and be on their way.

4. Wayfinding Systems

Wayfinding systems have helped so many companies assist their patrons in getting them to where they need to be. Like a car on the road, as a customer, you can use the indoor GPS to guide you from the lobby right to your seat in the theater.

5. Beacon Technology

Movie theaters could take a step further and install beacons around the theater to send wayfinding technology directly to the patrons’ phones. Beacons would also allow theaters to capture the demographics of movie-goers to optimize marketing efforts. They could even ask customers to fill out a survey about the movie they just saw or the theater itself. Imagine being able to know exactly what audiences thought of a movie immediately after it was shown.

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