IST Certified Partner Program

Grow Your Business with a Strategic Partnership

IST's Certified Partner Program represents an incredible opportunity for skilled POS technicians and small businesses to expand in the market by partnering with one of the top Service Providers in the United States.

We have over 100 full-time technicians at dispatch points all across the country. IST's Certified Partner Program (ICPP) is designed to ensure that IST can quickly respond to any situation and any size project with the level of quality and care our customers have come to expect.

We are proud to partner with only the best POS service providers in the industry. Our application process ensures that they are thoroughly trained and have the years of experience to guarantee high-performance, detail-oriented work.

We build relationships with our partners and rely on them to provide the same level of service we expect from our own extensive network of full-time field technicians. Once we establish that relationship, we will continue to provide them with consistent work to ensure that they remain engaged.

Our business grows every day. If you are a service provider with the qualities we are looking for, fill out the form below and email or fax it back to us using the contact information provided in the document. Thank you for your interest in our Certified Partner Program. We will review your partner application, and if there is a fit, we will contact you to discuss this mutually advantageous relationship.

Should you have any questions about any part of the process, please do not hesitate to call us at 877-767-3375 and ask for someone from the ICPP team, or email us at

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