Burger King Digital Signage Installation Project

Over 6500 Digital Menu Board Locations in Under 18 Weeks

Digital Menu BoardIn the largest effort of its kind to date, IST recently installed over 26,000 digital menu boards at over 6500 Burger King locations in just 18 weeks.

Throughout the project, IST’s PM team has met rigorous scheduling requirements and developed a process for real time, tech-level communication directly from the site. Our unprecedented flexibility in hiring and coordinating electricians as well as taking on basic site construction has simplified the project for our client while significantly reducing their costs.

The Challenge

Coordinating a team of 400 technicians to install over 25,000 digital menu boards in just four months. It was a massive coast-to-coast undertaking. IST logged over a quarter million milles of travel time. That's 66 times around the earth!

What We Did

Locations vary, but a typical install required deinstallation; site preparation (spackle and paint); wiring; mounting and cabling for four 46” TV’s; network configuration for software integration; and back-office controller installation with supporting wall hardware.

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